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Welcome, dear friend!​ I'm delighted that you've decided to join me here. Carriage driving is such a lovely way to spend time with our equine (and human) friends, and I'm excited to guide you in getting started.

In this​ course, you will learn everything you need to know to ground drive your own horse safely and confidently. You’ll strengthen your horse’s foundation along with your own horsemanship skills, and have fun learning some new skills together. If you are interested in getting into driving in a more serious way, this will be an excellent introduction.

Overview of the program


The course is broken into seven modules, with each module consisting of two to four video lessons, plus one or two video lectures. Each module also includes a downloadable checklist of skills you're working on, and some modules include bonus materials for download as well.

I've noted here the essential tools you'll need to complete each module successfully. I'll talk about any new tools we're using at the beginning of each module, as well as noting other optional equipment.

Module 1​
  • Basic leading work

  • Walk, halt, back up

  • "Standing boot camp"

Tools Needed​
  • Halter

  • Lead rope

  • Dressage whip

Module 2
  • Intro to lunging

  • Walk on, whoa, back

  • Intro to voice commands

  • Cavesson

Module 3
  • Inside & outside turns

  • Playing with obstacles

  • Increasing the distance

  • What makes a good driving horse

  • Driving or lunge whip

Module 4
  • Half halt

  • Trot

  • "Bombproofing" activities

  • Lunge line

Module 5
  • Moving towards the hindquarters

  • Refining everything so far

  • Recognizing healthy posture and movement

Module 6
  • Transition to two lines

  • Line handling

Module 7
  • Ground driving!

  • Building confidence

  • Dress-rehearsing mishaps

  • Preparing to pull; next steps

  • Driving lines

Bonus Materials
  • Bits & blinders

  • Harness diagrams

  • A few things you can do with a driving horse

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