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​As an added bonus, you'll also receive access to my Carriage Driving 101 mini-course, which covers:

  • Types of harness

  • Choosing a harness

  • How to harness your horse

  • Harness fit

  • Harness pads

  • Choosing a vehicle

You're curious about carriage driving, but don't know the first thing about it. Maybe you have a horse who you figure might make a nice driving horse, but you haven't got a clue where to begin. You'd like to dip your toes in but aren't prepared to drop a bunch of money on a harness and vehicle until you're sure it's for you. Or, perhaps you're just looking for a change of pace; to have some fun with your horse learning something new. If any of these statements ring true, this course is for you!


This 100% online, self-paced course will introduce you to the basics of driving, and how to teach your horse. As you move through the seven modules, you'll be furthering your own horsemanship and building skills that are invaluable in any horse – essential skills for a horse that is to go into driving.

Course content is delivered in short, easily-to-understand videos, with bonus content in downloadable PDFs.


Topics include:
  • Groundwork & lunging

  • Voice commands

  • Whoa means whoa

  • Building independence & confidence

  • Driving aids: rein & whip handling

  • Safety

  • Discussion on bits & blinders

  • What you can do with a driving horse


Your access to the course begins the moment that you register, and remains active for one full year.

One-time and monthly payment options are available.



Add three or 12 individual online lessons to get personal guidance throughout the course of the program.

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