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I offer training packages for those who desire more hands-on help furthering their horse's education. At all stages in the training, I prioritize the horse's thorough understanding, willingness, and physical and mental wellness over any human agenda. Some horses naturally learn faster than others, and I take care to find the approach and pace of education that best suits the individual animal. I find the horse's learning process to be exponential, especially early on: Small steps in the beginning, as the horse settles in and we get to know each other, set the stage with the trust, understanding, and confidence necessary to enable greater learning and development in time. For this reason, I require clients commit to a minimum of 3 months in full training, with 6+ months recommended for best results. 


I encourage you to be an active participant in your horse's education. You are welcome to come watch your horse's daily sessions, and any daily training can be turned into a lesson for no additional fee. I work with you to formulate a step-by-step plan to best suit your horse's needs and your goals, and communicate regularly to keep you up-to-date on your horse's progress. 


Basic education

For young horses, and any who could use a tune-up. I emphasize impeccable ground manners and teach the basic aids from the ground, guiding the horse to find a healthy posture and quality movement in all gaits, always with a soft, willing mind.

Confidence building

Does your horse get unnerved by strange noises, or flapping flags, or want nothing to do with water? Does your horse have a hard time in unfamiliar environments, or lose their marbles without their buddies? I methodically introduce my horses to many different sights, sounds, and scenarios, teaching them to make good choices even in strange situations.


Many injuries happen as a result of the horse using their body in an unhealthy way that creates damage over time. Much like physiotherapy for ourselves, a thoughtful training regimen can teach the horse to maintain a healthier posture, build strength, and correct unhealthy habits to reduce the chances of re-injury.

Driving education

From fundamental groundwork to putting to a vehicle for the first time to refining existing skills and troubleshooting difficulties, I develop horses and ponies to be responsive, confident and trustworthy in real-world situations.

Riding education

The preparation for the riding all happens from the ground. Through groundwork, lunging, and work in hand, I educate the horse to all of the basic aids, and build their strength and balance to be able to carry a rider in a healthy way. Then we can add the rider and gradually transfer the control from the groundworker to the rider.


Loading and hauling quietly is not just a luxury but an essential life-skill that could be the difference between life and death in an emergency. I offer trailering — loading, hauling, waiting, unloading — as an add-on to the "basic education" program. 

** Subject to additional fee **


Monthly packages to best suit your needs:

Full training (5 days / week)

  — 3 months minimum

Part training (3 days / week)

  — 5 months minimum

$1,200 / month + board

$775 / month + board

Single training sessions and weekly times at my location or yours are also available; rates are the same as for private lessons.


Email me​ to discuss your horse's training needs and get on my waitlist for the next available spot.

I highly recommend Christine! She is patient, very attentive, and kind to the horses. She notices everything, and has a great eye with high attention to detail! She has a way of tapping into exactly what the horse needs at the exact right time, and effectively delivers this information in a clear and concise way to both horse and handler/driver/rider. Only good things to say!

- Lea V.

What My Clients Say

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