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DRIVING 101: From Zero to Ground Driving

My brand new online course is COMING SOON! This 100% online, self-paced course will introduce you to the basics of driving, and how to teach your horse. Topics include:

  • Groundwork & lunging

  • Voice commands

  • Whoa means whoa

  • Building independence & confidence

  • Bombproofing

  • Safety

  • Choosing a harness

  • Harness fit

  • Choosing a vehicle

  • Driving aids: rein & whip handling

  • Discussion on bits & blinders

  • What you can do with a driving horse

Course content is delivered in bite-size video lessons and theory sessions, supplemented by downloadable PDFs.

The beta version of the course is now available! Beta participants get a head start on the program before it is made available in its entirety to the general public, and your feedback will be incorporated to help shape the course into exactly what YOU want and need.

The complete course will be officially launched in mid-2023. Sign up below to receive an email invite as soon as the course becomes available.


Be the first to know when the course drops!

Thanks for your interest!




No matter where you are in the world, we can work together virtually! Online lessons offer the same individualized support and guidance as working with a coach in person, while overcoming the logistical challenges of bringing your coach of choice to your farm. Just like in person, I offer online lessons in driving, groundwork & lunging, and liberty training, customized to meet your own unique needs and goals.

I offer two different options for online lessons, to best suit your needs and resources, and to accommodate time zones and weather factors. With both options, I encourage you to record your lessons to re-watch later for your own learning.



All you need is an internet connection, a computer/tablet/mobile phone with a camera and the Zoom or Skype platform installed, and a wireless headset with enough range for your schooling area. Position your device at one end of your arena, with as much of your working area in the frame as possible, and we can work together in real time.


Alternatively, you can video your schooling on your own time and send me up to 15 minutes' worth of video a couple days prior to the lesson. We will then meet on Zoom/Skype to watch and discuss your video together, and give you homework to practice.


Whichever option you prefer, online lessons are 45 minutes long and cost $75 CAD. Email me to book.

Online Lessos
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