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Clinics offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in one topic, connect with like-minded people, and learn from one another. Bring your horse or come as a spectator. Clinics are held over two or more days and include a combination of theory classes, individual lessons, group classes, demonstrations, and lots of opportunity to ask questions.


Now accepting bookings for fall and winter 2023-24, across southern Alberta and beyond.

4 & 5

Airdrie, AB


Participant spots available

Auditor spots available


No matter where in the world you live, you can work with me live in person by hosting a clinic! Clinics are a great way to spend a quality weekend learning together with your barn or club. They are also a great way to meet others in your area doing similar work. You don't need any fancy facilities to host a clinic, just a level area with good footing can be enough. Theory classes can be in the same area or elsewhere. It is nice to have a place to warm up in the winter, and shade to sit in through the summer. Most commonly my clinics will have 5-7 students with horses, plus unlimited spectators. However, because I charge by the day rather than by the person, we can create an event that includes as many or as few students as you want. ​There are many options to create the event that is perfect for you. 


Here's how it works:

1. Decide how long the clinic will be

Will we spend a weekend together, or a full week? Perhaps two 2-day clinics back to back?

2. Choose a topic

The topic can be broad, like liberty or driving, or can be more specific, such as advanced longing or beginning a horse's driving education. Or you can leave the topic open and let each student decide for themselves.

3. Decide whether the clinic will be private or open to the public

Do you want to keep it to your barn or club, or just yourself and a couple friends? Or do you want it to be an opportunity to make new friends?

4. Decide whether or not there will be spectators

Can people who are not participating with a horse come and watch? This is a great way to bring in new faces who might want to see what it's all about before diving in head first.

5. Determine the format and schedule

My clinics almost always include theory classes and individual lessons. Sometimes they also feature demonstrations, group activities, and in certain cases semi-private lessons (2-3 students) are also possible. Here is an example of a weekend clinic schedule:


9am Theory

10-12:30 Individual lessons

12:30 Lunch break

1:30 Q&A/Theory

2-4 Individual lessons

4pm Q&A/Wrap up


9am Theory

10-12:30 Individual lessons

12:30 Lunch break

1:30 Demo

2-4 Individual lessons

4pm Q&A/Wrap up

6. Commit to a date

I require 50% payment six weeks before the scheduled date.

7. Spread the word!

Tell people about the clinic. Get them excited! I can supply some basic marketing materials if desired.

8. Get people registered

I recommend registering students in the order that payment is received. Those who delay paying can be more likely to drop out. 

9. Sort out the final logistics

I require the balance of the fees paid no later than two weeks before the start of the clinic. If I am coming in from out of town, make sure that we have my travel, accommodations, and meals arranged. (Discuss these with me directly to find what will work best.) Will you offer snacks or lunch to the participants? It is not required, but many hosts like to. I recommend offering at least tea and hot chocolate in the winter and a place to refill water bottles in the summer. Ensure that the participants have everything they need.

10. Clinic time!

Watch, learn, laugh, and grow together!

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